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This show is trying to be American Horror Story meets Sleepy Hollow and it’s succeeding— in the worst possible way.

Starting the first episode of Salem now because I love Ashley Madekwe and hate myself, apparently.

I run a “what the fuck is her main fandom” blog

social media
older youngling: You have Facebook?!
me: Yes. I didn't use to go on it at all but I'm slowly getting back into it.
older youngling: I thought you just had Tumblr!

the black sisters | wartime


There is some damn fine meta happening here. And I mostly agree with you! I should probably mention it’s been a while since I watched the movie. Just looked at some of the behind the scenes stuff and a few fav scenes to refresh.

I can’t blame anyone for loving the movie. I do like the scenes of Needy being - herself.

(cut for spoilers & to save the dash)

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OK so as far as I can tell
Even though Laverne Cox held the #1 spot on the Time 100 reader poll
She’s not even on the list

Ask me how mad I am


I have no idea how to feel about Jennifer’s Body. I mean title alone. It’s about how her friends react. It’s Megan Fox half assing acting. Complicated friendships made simple and a little gross. But it’s always Jennifer doing the awful things even when she’s “possessed”. It’s referred to as a curse. The evil just made Jennifer more herself. I just think it was oversimplified for comedy that didn’t always work. Still about consuming men until you could work up the courage to impale the woman.

*strokes chin and nods sagely*

I am a fan of the movie (I have serious feels about it as a presentation of toxic female friendships) but also totally acknowledge IT HAS PROBLEMS.

One of the reasons I brought it up (and one of the reasons I am ultimately a fan despite its PROBLEMS) is that I think Diablo Cody was trying to do what you and Catwo are talking about— tell a possession story from a female lens. And obviously it was not successful at criticizing the misogyny of the genre overall (I will forever be astounded that a movie with a female writer, a female director, and two female leads still ended up soooo male gaze-y; like, that had to be intentional but also, like— ladies good job demonstrating the male gaze to perfection; you just neglected to demonstrate why it is a bad thing) but it tried and it had moments of awyiss you tell ‘em, honey (for me anyways).

BUT the other reason I brought it up is… that ending.

Yes, the whole “consuming men until you could work up the courage to impale the woman” thing is an accurate summation of most of the movie, but that’s not really the ending.

(cut for spoilers)

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